Hydraulic Deep Drawing Press

Theses Presses are designed for deep drawing application. These presses are available in various designs like Single Action Deep Drawing, Double Action Deep Drawing or Triple Action Deep Drawing Press.
  • The robust Frame is fabricated from UT tested IS 2062 grade steel plates.
  • Deep drawing presses are available in various designs like Single Action Deep Drawing, Double Action Deep drawing or triple action deep drawing press.
  • The structure design is done with latest 3-D modeling & analysis software to check for proper strength & rigidity.
  • The adjustable guiding arrangements are specially designed to suit the operation requirement for longer life.

Hydraulic Deep Drawing Press

Standard Features

  • Ram structure with platen.
  • Grounded Bolster Platen.
  • Hydraulic Holding plates / Cushion structure with hydraulic cushion arrangement is provided on deep drawing presses.
  • Ram platen & Bolster with T-slots or hole tapping.
  • Mechanical / Hydraulic Ejector can be provided as an optional feature.
  • Stress relived frames available with Ultrasonic vibration technique as an option.
  • Shock absorber cylinders are provided optionally for blanking sheet.
  • Remote controlled Tonnage adjustment.
  • Remote controlled Cushion Force adjustment.
  • Multiple speeds for Approach, pressing & return strokes saves cycle time.
  • Hydraulic Cylinders made of seamless hone tubes & hard chrome plated rod.
  • Latest technology PTFE seals with bronze guide tapes in hydraulic cylinders ensure long life.
  • Power saving hydraulic system equipped with logic cartridge valves.
  • Smooth & noiseless operation handing higher flow volumes.
  • Compact Manifold blocks eliminating piping joints & ensures leak free hydraulic system.
  • International quality hydraulic & electrical components to ensure long service life.
  • Overload protection safety by hydraulic & electrical interlocks.
  • Two-hand operator safety to ensure accident free operation.
  • Optional infra-red safety curtain interface on front & rear side of machine to ensure safe working on machine.
  • Optional Servo-power pack.

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